Enrolment day

The idea of the enrolment day is to give both yourself and our staff the opportunity to meet up and discuss what options are available.

You will be able to

  • Ask questions

  • Look at the details about the training courses and the qualifications

  • Check out the transport options, and parking, around the course site

  • View the training course start dates and timetable options

  • Complete your numeracy and literacy activities

  • Complete the enrolment form

  • Discuss payment terms and arrange your course deposit payment

  • Look forward to joining us on a fun and challenging journey

We will be able to

  • Ask questions

  • Give same day feedback to your numeracy and literacy activity

  • Confirm what training course would be most suitable

  • Ensure all of your questions are answered

  • Offer a secure means of accepting payment

  • Confirm the start date of each of the training courses on offer

What do you need to bring

  • A calculator and a pen / pencil

  • Some form of payment method

  • Your National Insurance number

  • Previous certificates in payroll or accounting qualifications (if relevant, see course details)