Question 3

Calculate 20% of £1750.00

Question 2

Three metres of wood cost £2.25. What is the cost of 8 metres?

Question 1

A woman buys two tins of paint. One tin costs £13.95. There is a sale which states buy one tin and get 1/3 off a second tin. How much does she pay in total?

Question 4

If you were paying £36 per month for house insurance, how much you pay over a whole year?

About You

In order to ensure you will be comfortable with the level of the training course you are looking at; on the day of enrolment we will require you to complete a series of numeracy questions, with the aid of a calculator.  There will also be a short literacy task.

Please be aware, you will not be offered a place on any of our longer training courses without the completion of these questions.

The following sample questions will give you some indication of the numeracy activity.


Have a go, and check your answer by clicking the blue button.

You can save 30% on the price of a train ticket if you buy it 2 weeks in advance. The full price of the ticket is £73. How much change would you have out of £200 if you bought 3 tickets in advance?

Question 5

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